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l0v3_shin's Journal

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Yo! Genki ka? I go by the nickname Shin but in real life people call me Sha.
Fell in love with these johnny boys from I can't remember when.My ichiban is ARASHI嵐, Kis-My-Ft2 and HSJ. I'm soooo in love with Sho-chan. Well now it seems that there are others invading my heart too. Those lovely shounen are Taipi,Mitsu,Hikaru,Daiki and Ryousuke. How is it possible to love them all at once! *Pulls hair* So not possible but lets make an exception here LoL XDXDXD. Used to be a hardcore 동방신기 fan still am though just taking a big break from it. I love all things in the world that can successfully make me laugh. Esp my sis but she's a different case.Lastly I would like to reach up high, as they say sky is the limit and that's where it ends~♥'

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