Oh dear~

the 2nd B'Day boy~

Yesterday I gave my wishes to Sho-chan and today....I'm wishing Joongie omma~

I wish that all your wishes this birthday comes true ^_^ Always smile and enjoy whatever it is you do every time Joongie! 

I will always ♥ and support you!

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Been ADDICTED tooo???

Tooo addicted to kisumai and HSJ lately ^_^ I'm still wondering when did I start? hmmm I guess it's time to move from **** to these people including ARASHI嵐 hehehehe LOVE them!♥♥♥ 嵐 atashi no ichiban dakara~

*ShinChan out*
Oh dear~


SHO's LAYOUT how cool is that!!!!!!!!! Oh btw my dearest Yunho Happy Birthday >_< I wish you all the best this new year 2010 ^_^ ok ciao

Shin 0ut***

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Oh dear~

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Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

I don't have a gift for Yoochun so I made him something >_< HeHe

* a simple pic by me*

    Love chunnie so muchhhhhh!!!!!!! Happy 23th Birthday baby boy!^_^



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